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Film & Photography Industry will accept NFT tokens in 2022 : NFT blockchain

NFTs will be accepted in Entertainment industry, MetaVerse NFT technology powers NFT world of Decentraland token. Celebrity, actors, Videographer, Pornographers, Gamers and other virtual world will use or hold NFTs to make world better with their digital or physical ownership.


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Film & Photography Industry will accept NFT tokens in 2022 : NFT blockchain

A world’s top famous blockchain NFT (non-fungible Token) technology to cryptoCurrency or other virtual currencies. NFTs project and their NFTs tokens are one of top famous digital industries tokens for VideoGrapher, Photographer and Film Industry. Claim your own Videos NFTs, NFTs, gaming NFTs, NFT Arts and NFTs technology. In the world, mostly Film industry, Celebrities, Actors, Film Producers, Art Publisher, Art photographers, Photos, Audios and other types of digital files. claim your digital proof of ownership through NFTs technology and own your bought everything via NFTs project and seller or buyers of NFTs projects and NFTs developers.

The first NFTs project was in 2015 0n Ethereum blockchain. now in 2021, NFT based projects hosted by Ethereum tokens, APENFT, SolanaNFT and many other crypto token through their crypto related NFT, GameFi and many other projects.

Mostly NFTs project criticized by respected to energy costs like Bitcoin consumes but still the NFT blockchain technology can gives proof of ownership. An NFT project unit data stores on a digital ledger, called blockchain or virtual decentralized protocols where we can sold or trade any NFTs same does like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Solana cryptocurrencies.

Physical assets like Rigs, technology, spaces are works with a digital technology to make a proof of work or proof of ownership. NFTs project or technology uses for unique identity and ownership of an NFT is verifiable via the blockchain technology. The ownership of is often mostly associated with license to use the underlying digital assets and generally not confer ‘Copyright‘ to the buyers or sellers.

NFT includes many these kind of fields like Digital Arts, Games, Games NFTs, Virtual Worlds, MetaVerse Technology, Music & Audio, Internet Memes imagesfilms and photography.

The first time use of NFT or made NFT technology with Ethereum Blockchain. First time Dogecoin and Shiba inu coin’s NFTs sold in $4 million USD in June 2021. Adult & Porn Industry, UC Berkeley and many NFTs and ownership sold in year 2021.

In the year 2021, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Azealia Banks , Steve Aoki, Shawn Mendes , Jason Darulo, Salman Khan, Sunny Leone and many stars joined the NFT technology to claim their ownership for videos, movies and musics. Twitter CEO (Jack) also interested in NFT blockchain technology to save and creating a proof of ownership with their content on the social media to keep away from copyright content and infringements.

The Billions of Social media handles, photographer and Entertainment creators or users will includes the NFT blockchain technology in the future to make their digital ownership better.

In year 2023, all the film, photography and pornography industry will accept NFT program and own project with each other blockchain to claim their ownership perfect with new decentralized NFT blockchain technology.

World’s first NFT token ‘Quantum‘ created by Niels Bohr & Max Planck was a first NFT with future’s technology with blockchain technology. Mostly NFT token and platforms are coming with ‘Quantum‘ technology to power NFT world better and perfect digital and physical proof of stake, proof of ownership and proof of works.

By the way, NFT is a not token for sale, buy, invest and trades everyday, but it is blockchain technology where we can save our Billions or Trillions of Virtual things in the NFT projects and processing with physical and digital assets for proof of ownership.

If you have a historical painting, Videos, images and many to use NFT to sell with ownership of asset holder or buyers. mostly videographers are using YouTube and other Social media tools to save video or image from copyright using on the social media only, but NFT technology can save your videos or images with blockchain technology to keep your ownership every time anywhere.

If you want to sell or buy with Ownership to any product or service then you should use NFTs to make your dreams of ownership better by selling one time, buying one time to digitally or physically get owned by you.

for example, you are a business holder but you unable to manage your business, you want to make your business owner and selling your to anyone with ownership with many things by the NFT blockchain. Buying NFT or selling NFT Means a product like RealEstate’s house for sale with ownership that’s only not a token for sell, its mean a property for sale and buy without going anywhere using NFTs to get proof of ownership and owner of a house. NFTs project or providers like ApeNFT, SolanaNFT, ShibNFT, SandBox, WAXP, DigiByte, Decentraland offers many platform of NFTs to sell or buy with proof of ownership by the NFT blockchain technology. Mean, A art for sale on SolanaNFT in $1 billion USD, its mean a ownership of that art for sale in $1 billion USD or other. 

NFTs blockchain technology is not a storage for save your videos, editing tools, memes, games and etc, but it (NFT) physically works with ownership than saving your videos like server or private server. NFT can help you to claim your own thing by the way of blockchain technology.

So Finally NFT blockchain can make the world better with MetaVerse’s new technology with Decentraland (MANA) which is NFT Token to claim your ownership with Meta + Facebook platform.

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