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EU countries will regulate Bitcoin & Proof-of-work transactions in 2023 : Bitcoin News

CryptoMining, Crypto Investing will be banned or regulated in Europe in year 2025. MiCA Framework will helps the new world of Blockchain technology. Crypto won in EU voting on MiCA framework.


EU countries will regulate Bitcoin & Proof-of-work transactions in 2023 : Bitcoin News

A bill proposal created and continuesly  worked in MiCA framework to approve a proof-ofwork (Blockchain) based technology around the European countries. The Recently, EU members said the Work of Blockchain technology will be allowed to the new world of technology. The technology is mostly accepted by every countries of EU, but the Financial ministers said, world of CryptoCurrencies are won’t need Bitcoin as the new Financial USD eating machine.

The new decentralized world, blockchain future, Web3, Digital Assets are working for the new strategy of Internet based freedom. but the financial industry of Europe seems the world have a trap of Bitcoin as the view of Short term & Long term market votality.

The EU countries again made a voting proposol to make a final decision on the Crypto Mining, Bitcoin trade and all other Decentralized apps.  Still the EU govt faces same issues of the MiCA framework of World.

What is MiCA in EU?

The Markets in Crypto-Assets Regulation (MiCA) is being brought in to complement anti-money laundering (AML) rules and enhance financial stability and investor protection in Europe. The proposals include parts of the EU’s MiFID, Market Abuse and Prospectus regulations, and apply them to the cryptoasset space.

The Anti-money laundring, financial stability, investor protection, Transctions of energy-intensive  and Votality are the main point of EU (European Union) MiCA framework. The most experts and Banks are tells Bitcoin as a Votality, money laundring based crypto coin where the peoples will be not be protected by any govt and may a risky implement on the new generation.

Still the Bill which recently voted for the crypto as 50% negative and 50% Positive signals. There are not a complete ban on Crypto and not a complete regulation on the Crypto Framework.

Finally, the EU calls the MiCA framework if works properly then it a possible signale for the Crypto Industry of world to get a big hope of earnings from EU countries.

MiCA Framework

MiCA Framework is a main point where the peoples can trust on Crypto and dislike the Crypto Industry its depends on the work and acceptions.

environmental sustainability

In this bill of MiCA and EU proposol, There are also added a environmental sustainability risks where the ElonMusk always tells the Bitcoin is a big issues for the environment.

Mining Issues.

The Mining related Issues are more effective on the CryptoCurrencies and their hosts. EU countries are faces a big Climate change, Environment impact and etc. The EU countries are want to proper ban on the Crypto to save the Environment and Energy consumptions.

The EU countries are failed to track and ban on the trading but there are a big opprotunities for the new generation peoples to allow the new world in their future.

as per the view of Opinion, Bitcoin miners will resolve the issue of Mining Clean Energy but the market Votality is a big problum for the new investors and holders or traders. When the global worth will not regulate the crypto than maybe a big issues of Market Votality will spreads.

Every countries should have to regulate the Crypto Industry to legal the ways and control the market votalities of CryptoCurrencies.  A final tally of the committee’s voting showed the proposed clause was defeated with 23 votes in favor, 30 against and six abstentions. maybe in the future, the Bitcoin favor voting will reach 75% in the next proposol clause of EU and MiCA frameworks

In 2025, Without the MiCA Framework CryptoCurrencies will not be used publiclly in Europe and Mining of CryptoCurrencies will be permanantly banned for under the saving of Enviroment and Risk of Short term investing. Bitcoin is a best regulation of the fast-growing sector and Crypto assets are working so faster around the world all digital technology based frameworks.


The EU countries are continusly focing on the MiCA framework to include for attraction and protection in the Crypto Industry. The Final decision of EU made a defeated option for the Crypto’s Enemy to make a new strategy to complete use of MiCA acts in EU countries on the Crypto industry.


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