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Ethereum Meta, MetaShib, MetaDoge and MetaFloki token is most popular altcoin in 2022 : Rewards & MetaVerse token

Ethereum Meta, MetaShib, MetaDoge and MetaFloki token is most popular Metaverse based altcoin in 2022 to make a new popularity with Shib, Doge and ETH coin. top token where the investors can gain most profit in the future due to the new 3D gaming NFT, 3D Virtual Meta Reward and Meta Themed token.


Ethereum Meta, MetaShib, MetaDoge and MetaFloki token is most popular altcoin in 2022, these MetaShib, MetaDoge and MetaFloki coin are the next 1000X token in year 2022 or till 2023. 

MetaVerse related token and their ‘Meta‘ tag used in the many new Meta Related token where mostly investors are holding for the getting ‘Freerewards in Shiba, Floki and dogecoin to hold these kind of token and get real genuine profit in rewarding to Doge, Shib and Floki coins to withdraw by easy ways with trusted rewards. The Developer of Shiba, Doge, Floki, Ethereum and Bitcoin miner are make the new world with a new themed (Meta tag) Based tokens to create new contract using their official token’s smart contract. These are using Theme of  Meta to make more attraction in the MetaVerse 3D virtual technology. meta based meme token means a new ‘Theme‘ is available on the earth to increase the development skills, future and more popularity with a popular Tag like MetaVerse. See below.

Credit – MetaShibBSC

1. Ethereum Meta (ETHM) token

Ethereum Meta token (ETHM)  are related to anonymous payments between parties and ETHM to make Ethereum’s  transactions easy with the fast, secure and reliable virtual Ethereum Meta’s Smart contract. Ethereum Meta coins is offering more different kind of service and transactions system to make Ethereum Meta powered by Anonymous community to easily beginning like with world’s top popular 3D blockchain technology.  users can send, receive, or transfer to other Ethereum meta wallet or users to allow split or merge to normal Ether. Ethereum Meta token provides many smart contract and virtual anonymous technology to work between non-anonymous to anonymous payment system in the world’s top new crypto or blockchain technology. In year 2023, Ethereum Meta platform developing a new Anonymous & non-centralized E-Market place to access more many things by Tor Browser. Every one can convert non-anonymous token ‘Ether‘ into the anonymous token or anonymous token ‘Ether‘ to non-anonymous. The Linux, web developer or VPN marketplaces will be use the Ethereum Meta smart contract for making internet more decentralized. The ETHM token is you can ‘swap’ on these recent DEX apps like Binance Smart chain, Polygon, Avalanche, UniSwap and other DEX apps or crypto exchanges like PooCoin and etc. The holder and transfers are increasing everyday with best number of users and new comers.

2. Meta Shib (META) token (Meta High Yield Shib Rewards token)

Meta Shib ($META) token is a new Meme and Rewarding token where you can earn more rewarding tokens by Holding ($META) tokens. Hold MetaShib ($META) and automatically get rewards of Shiba in your BSC wallet, and see or watch everyday Shiba Inu growth by holds of MetaShib token. World’s new technology or 3D virtual coming with Meta and the developer of Shiba inu made a new Smart Contract which based with Meta Facebook technology to earn more Shib token by holding MetaShiba tokens.  The Meta Shiba is a same Meme coin, Payment, and Rewards coin to improve a new technology with Meta but not a part of Meta Facebook technology. The Roadmap of Meta Shib token seems it is completed more steps of development, Now the Meta Shib is performing for the next step of price increase, rewards and making their best image in the Meta Based technology of Meme coin but keep mind its not a Meta Facebook’s official made coins. All the Meme Coin, Altcoin developers are looking for the new ideas to make a new success in their coin or token with new world’s technology like now Meta+Facebook is a new technology.


3. Meta Doge (METADOGE) token (A new 3D Virtual technology and MetaVerse NFT)

MetaDoge token (METADOGE) is a 3D virtual Technology, 3D Metaverse gaming NFTs, Virtual Dog NFTs and other fun, meme and NFTs based token which coming with MetaVerse technology for the Dogecoin community. In the Future, MetaDoge coin will focus on MetaVerse new NFTs to improve a quality of Dogecoin. The Dogecoin community will be use the MetaDoge coin to make a better NFT’s project with it by holding MetaDoge and watch your gains and rewards in Dogecoin. Although, MetaDoge is not a Meta’s meme token or NFT token but it’s a anonymous new token who offers to Hold Meta Doge and earn more reward in Dogecoin. Recently, Dogecoin is meme, NFT and Payment coin where Dogecoin has more than 1 million holders and the holders of Dogecoin might interest in the Meta based MetaDoge coin to improve a big quality in Gaming, Meme and NFT dog coin. The all new 3D based gaming NFTs, Doge themed NFTs and more 3D virtual NFTs will be Smart contracts on the Meta Doge coin to get more future’s opportunities of creations.

4. Meta Floki (MFLOKI) token (A unique Meme Meta floki coin)

MetaFloki (MFLOKI) token is one of normal shiba inu coin to earn 5% reward by holding Meta Floki inu coin. World’s top countries and their digital companies are coming with Meta Verse technology and NFT’s technology to grow their own online real-Estate, Videography, Photography, Real Life Painting and other digital proof of ownership. Meta verse are based on a Blockchain and NFT based with works by the way of Meta NFT technology. Meta Verse official supports or uses Decentraland (MANA) token where the (MANA) mostly used in the new 3D virtual technology of MetaVerse. it’s mean the new coming tokens like Ethereum Meta, MetaShib, MetaDoge and MetaFloki token is not a official token of Meta Verse technology.

These are based on the Shiba, Ethereum, Dogecoin and Floki inu coin where these (MetaDoge, Meta Shib, Meta Floki, ETHM) are made by Anonymously different from their official coin. The interested developers of Ethereum, Floki inuShiba and Dogecoin are going to create a new world of these token using MetaVerse new technology (META) themed token.



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