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DogeCoin will be reach $10, after Amazon, CoinBase and Tesla will be method in future soon : Doge Coin News

DOGECOIN now going for the next ATH (All Time High) to make new record amid crash/crackdown 2021. Tesla, Amazon, Coinbase or NASDAQ will make great crypto payment method till 2022.


DogeCoin will be reach $10, after Amazon, CoinBase and Tesla will be method in future soon : Doge Coin News

NEW  YORK, NYDOGECOIN now going for the next ATH (All Time High) to make new record amid crackdown. $DOGE still being much profitable for early investors of year 2020 where the price of $0.05 or less then its new record of $1 in May, 2021.

Mostly Elon Musk, Amazon, IBM, CoinBase and other companies and investors are supported or going to make a new relationship with the interface of DOGECOIN.

$DOGE is one of most popular Cryptocurrency which backed by Billionaires after Bitcoin and Ethereum.

After Elon Musk commented on Bitcoin for ‘environmental impact’ of Bitcoin mining will be a risk for climate and natural. but DogeCoin mostly proffered from Elon Musk and Coinbase to make a new perfect peer-to-peer payment transaction and low amount of processing fee.

It will be go close to $10 or more in the recent week, after CoinBase listed in US and global, Amazon will be making a new role for crypto transaction with DOGE and IBM will be clear DOGE is the future for IBM.

In the future, Bitcoin and Dogecoin both will a part of Tesla or Elon Musk to support and gives an opprotunities for miners of Bitcoin and Dogecoin.



Why Doge will be used for ?

Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency created by software engineers Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer, who decided to create a payment system as a joke, making fun of the wild speculation in cryptocurrencies at the time. Despite its satirical nature, some consider it a legitimate investment prospect.

Its created for Payment System in the new blockchain technology world. its mean Bitcoin and Doge working like same. DogeCoin created by american IBM software company and Bitcoin created by Satoshi Nakamoto in the first time on white paper to followed steps of digital or electronic payment transmission.

By the way, Coinbase was not listed DogeCoin easily in their platform because of many issues with contract developers but finally now listed on CoinBase after security, speed and scaling super service with their users and performing better than before 2020.

1. CoinBase 

world’s most popular crypto and finance exchange in United states and globe. NASDAQ global market also listed CoinBase on their platform in United States. CoinBase easily not list any product and services of crypto tokens or coins without clarify much things about their platform and market cap. DogeCoin listing in CoinBase, its clear mean its a powerful Crypto in NASDAQ, CoinBase and Doge market.


2. $DogeCoin for Amazon.

Many E-Commerce and digital platfrom like Tesla, Apple and Microstrategy are interest in Crypto payment acceptation then it will be a big opportunity for Amazon to Accept a American DOGECOIN to make their transaction easy. it will be much cheap than Bitcoin and other crypto maintenance in Charges. security, scale and fee.


3. Opportunity for IBM developers.

By the way, that all depends on their thoughts but IBM is a one of most profitable company which can accept and make future of DOGECOIN in their blockchain (DogeChain) to give a chance to new creators of meme tokens for different altcoin like ETH for Shiba, BSC for BNB/WRX, Tron for BTT and WINK. 

In the future, DogeCoin and DogeChain will be perfect things for new coins and tokens to list anyone’s dream on DogeChain.

DogeChain will be world’s 3rd Payment system, CryptoCurrecncy and Blockchain to manage Doge and each other’s tokens.



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Written By RKM

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