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Bloktopia (BLOK) coin price prediction 2022 next BLOK will Ethereum : VR Meta Real Estate Bloktopia

Metaverse coin Bloktopia (BLOK) price will be reach $100 till year 2022, where Bloktopia offers many Virtual Reality, NFTs, Real Estate, JOBE, Blockchain and other future technology. BLOK Partnering withSolana, RevomonVR,  Elrond, Sanbox and VR cyberPunk and many VR tech platforms.


Bloktopia (BLOK) coin price prediction 2022 and future of MetaVerse Bloktopia coins, The Bloktopia will be next Ethereum or Solana In VR and NFTs technology. 

Bloktopia coin one of top VR MetaVerse based token which belongs top NFTs, Jobe and Staking. Bloktopia (BLOK) coins are cryptocurrencies-related to Create, Explore, learn and Earn tokens. The Bloktopia coin launched on the 6th October 2021, and starting price $0.004 to reached $0.12 in 1 month of launching in September 2021.

BLOK coin is one of top JOBE or LearnEarn based token where the NFTs and Starting for MetaVerse tokens to grow the VR (Virtual Reality) Meta technology in the Virtual world of Future. The Bloktopia one of most popular NFTs, JOBE (an NFT of REBLOK) and MetaVerse based top coin or platforms to make the future of Virtual Technology and high volume new Virtual Properties, Proof of Ownership, Digital academy, Real Estates and other virtual technology and assets. The Price of BLOK tokens will be reach $100 till year 2023.

Bitcoin holders known as Bitcoiners, also bloktopia token holders will known as Bloktopians. Crypto users access many information and crypto immersive contents. The top technology and Social media company Facebook merged with Metaverse technology to make the world better with the future of Virtual meta Science. Polygon support it network an act as central hub of Polygon blockchain for the future of Polygon based Metaverse BLOK token or many other virtual platforms.

The Bloktopia recently partnering with Solana, RevomonVR,  Elrond, Sanbox and VR cyberPunk to grow the Meta, Virtual Reality and NFTs technology. Dear Investors As per our thoughts Bloktopia will be next Solana till year 2022, But its not a Financial advice.

Bloktopia – The home of crypto, is consists of twentyone levels in the form of a Skyscraper and faster and there are more 3D creation VR (Virtual Reality) experience of Metaverse. Bloktopia offers many 3D or VR Metaverse where you can earn, leabrn, create and Explore in the crypto-related world. Earn easily by Advertising and Staking the MetaVerse token Bloktopia.

Bloktopia increase your hope by Mediums, Playing Games,  building networks or advertising. Bloktopia (BLOK) has more Blockchain, NFTs and metaVerse related technologies and success points.

The price of coin does not matter but the real technology of virtual real estate sales, roadmaps, tokenomics and more regarding the upcoming Bloktopia metaverse does really more matters for grow metaverse.

The Bloktopia (BLOK) going to create Decentralized real time 3D creation engine and build many networks in Virtual technology to  create stunning visualizations, open source virtual world and Cryptographic protocol. Virtual Reality or MetaVerse market day-by-day increasing from year 2018 USD $26.7 billion to $814.7 billion by year 2025.

Bloktopia is one top best choice for Metaverse VR technology, The world of crypto can be an extremely difficult place to navigate your way around. With Youtube, Telegram and Crypto Twitter information is very disjointed. Bloktopia (BLOK) will overcome this issue by positioning itself as a central hub, where users can come and learn in an open and friendly environment.

The Bloktopia offers these kind of earning opportunities, where BLOK, REBLOK and ADBLOK works for the future of Metaverse or Bloktopians. These 4 projects and technology of earning opportunities are works more better, see blow.




Bloktopians will be able to buy and sell BLOK via both Decentalized and Centralised exchanges. All BLOK from initial real estate purchases will be publicity burnt decreasing the overall supply of the token. BLOK will also be required to purchase items from within Bloktopia for example; upgrading real estate space or purchasing items from within the marketplace. This is what makes BLOK valuable and necessary for the ecosystem to operate.




Within Bloktopia the purchase of real estate is known as Reblok. Bloktopians will be able to purchase real estate following the BLOK token distribution event (TGE). The real estate will be a valuable commodity within Bloktopia allowing Bloktopians to speculate on the property and either resell for profit or lease for passive income opportunities.





Within Bloktopia one of the key earning opportunities to investors is via advertising. Bloktopia will work with key brand partners and give them a unique opportunity to advertise within Bloktopia. A proportion of these advertising fees generated will be returned to Bloktopia token holders.


Bloktopia real estate will be sold in a eight phase sale. All BLOK tokens used for the purchase of the BLOK real estate will be publicly locked reducing the supply of BLOK tokens.

Bloktopia network partners with Venly, Anzu, Polygon, Zokyo with best Investors like Animoca brands, Bitboy, MagnuCapital, Polygon and MagicFew.

So, in the future, Bloktopia will one of top Metaverse and VR technology platform to improve big Centralized and Decentralized technology. Twitter company Squre and Other real estate companies will join Bloktopia to make the VR finance world powerful with MetaVerse.

Thank You! 

Written By RKM

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