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Bitcoin trade settled $62T in 1 year than Banks, USD & Real Estate, Gold : Bitcoin Trade

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Bitcoin traded $62T in 1 year than USD & World GDP, Real Estate, Gold, Real Estate and many merchants or companies.

The 1 year turn-over of Bitcoin is going to make an historical and top record on the payments, business and financial world. United States GDP, Banking Transactions, Gold Market Cap and Real Estate business are lossing their year top high turn-over of Trillions of US Dollars.

Every second Bitcoin completing 7 transfer which including minimum $100 worth of Bitcoin and every transction are going more expensive than Banking, Real Estate and other gateways. The Blockchain technology have a lot of automated and mechanism system to increase the fast transactions. On the Bitcoin wallet addresses, mostly peoples are holding almost 0.01 to 1 BTC and they payments to each via Lightning network for fasts, reliable, mechanism and free of cost transactions.

Bitcoin just killed $24,400 to $20,750 in only 24 hours by USD from the 740 Billion Inflation Reductions Plan of US President Joe Biden & US congress to reduce inflations, health care, medicare and other high losses economic areas.

The Bitcoin has a floor price of $20,000 since second high votality or panic market situations of June 2022. The Crypto Experts are analyzing about Bitcoin to reach $100,000 before year 2024.

As a first big record of high-traded assests, Bitcoin is world’s first top assets who tried to reach $100Trillion of 1 year market transctions.

Bitcoin can complete miximum 1 Billion USD worth of transaction in only 1 or 2 hours the banks, USD Swift Service, Real Estate will take approximately 1 week or 2 weeks. The Bitcoin and Crypto is world’s fasted technology or payment system who made a beautiful record of large scale trading amounts.

The Bitcoin, Banks, Gold, Apple, Amazon, US GDP’s 1 year Network Settlements, see below. 

World’s top companies and other organizations like Apple, Google, Amazon, Tesla, Gold Market Cap, US Total GDP and many are not compete with Bitcoin’s 1 year network turn-over of 2021-2022.

The Investors and experts are looking about Bitcoin’s large scaliblity of year 2022 to reach $100T yearly Settlement of Blockchain networks. The Analysis are looking to see, Bitcoin will reach $100K in the next few year to make every second’s Bitcoin transactions more expensive to make billions of USD transaction in only few seconds of few hours.

Today per second transaction of Bitcoin is approximately transfer minimum $100 worth of Bitcoin and next day minimum a single transaction will be happens between $1000 to $10000 in half of second in 2025.


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