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Bitcoin ETF approval 2021 spikes Bitcoin price at $100K in 2022 : Bitcoin & Gold price prediction

Bitcoin price spike at $100K in 2022, in the future, Bitcoin ETF approvel and SEC make Bitcoin to the International currency. Bitcoin reach $100K and bitcoin Price prediction 2022.


Bitcoin ETF approval news 2021 spikes Bitcoin price at $100K in 2022 : Bitcoin price prediction

A Bitcoin new price prediction of 2022 and a new announcement of  SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) for the historic Bitcoin ETF (exchange traded fund) might make Bitcoin more expensive than early ATH (All time high) of at cost of $64,000 in recent spikes of April 2021. a hope are coming from SEC and US congress and fund managers to improve a historic quality in the in the price of bitcoin.

The current average price of Bitcoin in October 2021, Below.

in the recent 2 weeks of October 2021, Bitcoin reached $18,000 from $44,000 to $62,000 price per Bitcoin.

The SEC is poised to allow the first bitcoin futures ETFs to begin trading, source says

The Securities and Exchange Commission is now set to allow the first US Bitcoin (Crypto) based futures exchange-traded funds on the Monday (18th Oct 2021) to start a new virtual currency as a new ETF trades on the allowed Platforms.

According to CNBC crypto news,  A person familiar with the SEC’s deliberations told about the regulator isn’t likely to block ETF proposals by ProShares and Invesco ETFs trade and digital assets to permit amid a new worldwide spreading Bitcoin and cryptocurrency popularity.

Bitcoin traded high of $62,000 on 15th Oct 2021, its highest level since April 17 to over past 6 months, on speculation the SEC would greenlight the ETFs.

In 48 hours of time, Bitcoin will be break old ATH of April 2021 at $64,869 per BTC and recently it will break a new record of $75,000 in 30th Oct 2021. Its a first time bitcoin breaks 2 record of ATH in history.

SEC many times allowed Silver, Gold and other assets in the past year, now the world’s are keeping eyes on the SEC’s approval on the ETF where gold price bounce 5X price amid a first ETF trades started by SEC in US.

Bitcoin approval for ETF and futures trading, will be a big opportunities for the Bitcoin holders and traders where it will be reach $300K in the next year’s end of 2022. Gold price had grown already with 5X after the same ETF approval on the Future by the SEC. many crypto investors are researching about Bitcoin price prediction of 2022 to reach $300K when it will act same as gold had taken with 5X In the first time after the ETF approval.

The Securities and Exchange Commission is set to allow the first U.S. bitcoin futures exchange-traded funds to start trading next week, a landmark victory for a cryptocurrency industry that has long sought permissions from Wall Street’s top regulator, according to a person familiar with the matter.

Bank of America and JP morgan and NuBank other crypto related digital banks of United States are starting and supporting to SEC for the start of ETF digital trades on their platform after the allows of Securities and Exchange Commission’s guideline and trade system. a Bitcoin ETF news coming around the world’s news media of Business related and crypto related trades, might a beautiful day for the investors and traders of Bitcoin.

China banned Bitcoin, El-Salvador, America, Canada and other countries are supporting and regulating Bitcoin, Ethereum and other crypto assets to add in their Fiat of digital currency.

By the way, if the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) will fully approved the Bitcoin ETF then other countries like El-salvador, Russia, Australia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, India, Belarus, Germany and UK will be approves new ETFs in their country about the newest and popular internet currency bitcoin to make their all activities are legal.

However, The fund launch will mark the conclusion of a years long crusade by the almost $7 trillion ETF industry to persuade the SEC to research and sanction an ETF related to the popular cryptocurrency. Bloomberg News first reported that the SEC is set to allow the bitcoin futures ETFs to begin trading.

The US dollar will be step down from International currency and will be a way for the Bitcoin to be a world’s top International currency to trade anywhere, but Volatility market is still a issue for the international traders it will be fixed by SEC and other countries to give a special value with no more down falls and spikes to be a international currency. in the future, many countries will start a campaign on the Bitcoin to stable your money using ETFs and make your every trade better without losing anything in BTC and cryptocurrency related trade.

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