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Big Billionaires are accepting Solana NFTs in 2022 : Solana price 2022, Chart & Solana future

Real-Estate and Online Businesses are accepting Solana NFTs in 2022, Is Solana (SOL) top NTFs coin of year 2022? Solana NFTs or Solana platform top popular in 2021 than Bitcoin and Ethereum. Solana News 2022


Which kind of field are accepting Solana NFTs in 2022, Is Solana (SOL) top coin of year 2022?

The Solana platform are everyday growing from their official announcement and prepares for the future’s top coin. The Solana (SOL) coin is belongs to Decentralized blockchain built to enable scalable, userfriendly apps for world, and also Solana blockchain one of top faster blockchain and smart contracts for NFTs, Banking, blockchain platform designed to host decentralized, scalable applications and payments.

The world’s top Singer, Songwriter, photographer, celebrity, banks and recently a politician ‘Melania Trump’ joined Solana NFTs project to sell the proof of digital ownership at cost minimum 1 Solana (SOL) coin. The Solana is one top famous ‘NFTs and Scaling‘ technology to sell, buy NFTs and create other Decentralized apps. Solana one of top faster technology transaction processing platforms.  Mostly politicians, celebrate, Banks, Musicians, Blockchain Developers and new creators choosing Solana platform for technology based DeFi, NFTs and GameFi technology apps and platforms after Ethereum Blockchain.

Solana (SOL) platform one top best primarily NFTs program creators to make every day new potentially use NFTs to verify ownership and smart contracts to automate the buying process. SOLANA can process 10 thousands to 20 Thousands transactions per second with significantly lower fees where Ethereum blokchain supports only 13 transactions per second.

All business, politics, photographer, videographer, celebrity, largest banking for transactions and real-Estate payments fields and NFTs field are choosing Solana Blockchain for the fast transaction and secure technology.

Solana coin price predicted $5000 till year 2022 because of limited supply of 500 Million SOLs and it become world’s second largest NFTs and Blockchain DeFi coin in Speed, Low Transaction Fees, and secure all NFTs and Blockchain app creating tool.

Ethereum will not become top Coin after Bitcoin till year 2023, Ethereum has high transaction fees, low Transaction speed and DeFi technology for creators.

Most number of Investors and Developer are accepted Solana coin as Payment, NFTs Creating, Buy Sell NFTs, Super Speed Smart Contract development, Proof Of Ownership, Real Estate, and other creating pairs than investing the future is good with Solana platform for the future of technology. Although, As per high transaction speed, security and Smart Contracts to make the every business and NFTs service best profitable with more less time.

Solana become next Ethereum Killer coin and top NFTs platforms for the world.  Solana famous in Fast technology in all the transaction processing, Payment System, funds, BuySell NFTs and Game NFTs. Solana 1500X fast technology for transaction than Ethereum.

Which kind of industries or peoples are accepts Solana coin?

Solana coin a top famous faster, reliable and NFT’s new faster technology. You can easily transfer billions of USD from Solana blockchain in just minute same like Bitcoin blockchain speed receiving and sending. Bitcoin fees is more high than Ethereum and Solana coinsYou should choose Solana coin for high level digital money transactions.

Real-Estate and all digital Businesses are accepts Solana in Future for the digital transactions, digital Ownership, International Banking Transaction and Payments. The NFTs Real-Estate technology is more important for the digital world to grow the real estate money. as same Music Industry, Video creators, Investing & Trading, Finance & Loans, Company holdings, Ecommerce, Blockchain NFTs, Solana calls fastest blockchain, Developersproof-of-history, proof-of-stake, models verify transactions, wide variety of applications and many digital assets development tools.

A per the view of Chart, Real-Estate global market cap ($325 Trillion USD), Global Debt from International Largest bank shows ($300 Trillion USD) for the each other country, Global Stock Equities and Gold Silver market cap shows ($250 Trillion USD), but if in the future these all kind of global business handles by NFTs, VR and Crypto Technology then it will be a big hope for Solana coin to reach $5,000,000 USD cost of per Solana coin.

The Bitcoin and Ethereum is a Payments or Smart Contract for Payments and Blockchain Development.  But the famous Technology of NFTs are only offers faster transactions in Solana Smart Contracts. Solana Is a future’s development coin for user-friendly than Payment System. Solana offers all in one technology for all assets as Payment, Smart Contract, NFTs and Proof of Stake and Proof of digital Ownerships.


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