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Aptos Coin price and new AptoNFT for 2023 : Aptos (APT) coin

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World’s fresh new blockchain Layer 1 technology made a new Web3 coin (Aptos) which just have some new NFT creators and Aptos NFT collection where developers and Creators are make their Web3 Scalable application (DApps) & new Aptos NFT project with easy to setup the programming system and all short codes to make all new Project more faster on the Layer 1 blockchain of Proof of Stake.

Most number of twitter NFT holders are looking to create a fresh new project with Solana & Aptos PoS blockchain to manage all programms and projects easy on the world’s second fast PoS blockchain after Solana & Ethereum.

The Aptos programmers have used a novel smart contract programming language named MOVE like Ethereum has Solidiy and Solana has CandyMachine & Metaplex of C, C++ and Rust programming languages.

The Aptos has a big opprotunity for the developers to develop web3 easily with smart TypeScript Language, Python and Rust.

The Rust programming language are made a big history in a proof of Stake coins and technology to improve the quality proof of Speed with Short codes.

In the Aptos coin or new Aptos NFT or Aptos Coin project, you can easily manage the TypeScript language for developments. The all the transactions on the Aptos layer 1 blockchain more faster to manage and load instantly on the small kind of back-end codes.

Aptos blockchain has own Validator, Node Configration, Aptos Node Health Tester, REST API and etc with more Advanced features than Solana. all the related primitives of Aptos are same about Burning, Minting, Freezing, Registering and Transfering systems.

Most new project runners are still have a doubt related to Aptos where the most number of Accounts are want to confirmation on its Decentralization on the Blockchain to move forward after all the Accounts and Authority are going to be safe and protected.

Aptos Whitepaper has A Safe, Scalable, and Upgradeable Web3 Infrastructure claim but if its will work on the path, then may a big opprotunity for creators and developers to enjoy the Proof of Stake with Aptos blockchain.

The new Aptos coin has Meta’s abandoned blockchain network to empower the metaverse developement and fast scalable technology for new developers and creators.

The Price prediction of Aptos coin will be reach $100 when Solana will be at $250 because Solana is more proof of Stake’s language friendly with Nodes and short codes with Layer 2 Blockchain.

before you start the NFT and Coin project on the Aptos Blockchain, you should have to use the testnet and Devnet to know all about the Blockchain, Minting Fees, Cloud Storage for NFTs, Supply, Whitelist and other related Programms on Aptos.

Aptos has Brew (HomeBrew), PostgreSQL databses and Diesel (Safe, Extensible ORM and Query Builder for Rust of Aptos) and other developer’s open source software which used by Apple top organizations which works on the Mac & Linux versions and have a lot of formulas on the Aptos development tools.

Aptos airdrops, Aptos NFT marketplace, APT price, Aptos Wallet and Aptos Explorer are live on the on-chain and off-chain system. Aptos coin & Aptos NFTs (APTNFT) listing every day on the new networks and Marketplace with best Aptos Market Cap of 2022.

In the near future, BinanceNFT platforms, CoinbaseNFT platfrom and Solana NFT platforms will list Aptos NFTs on their platforms. The most number of peoples are keeping eyes on the BinanceNFT who can list soon the Aptos NFTs and all new Aptos Move Layer 1 Chain based token for whitelist and Launchpads.

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