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Covid-19 variant found in Africa, where disease get better vaccine against pandemic : COVID-19 Africa

BREAKING NEWS : if it happens, African nationals can get high-level COVID-19 vaccine or protection. but how?
Covid-19 variant found in Africa, where patient get better vaccine against pandemic.


RHODE ISLAND, U.S. | South African scientist said their findings that antibodies generated in response to infections with 501Y.V2 ( COVID-19 ) Coronavirus variant first found in the country can protect against other strains of the virus may allow for more effective vaccines, written By @Bloomberg.

Its mean, if you are actually infected with this variant or you can design any other vaccine with variants, it might provide cross-protection against other variants. @rkmtimes

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Actually, a pandemic ( COVID-19 ) has identified in South Africa late last year 2020, African continents has taken as the dominant strain in the nation of 60 millions African or other civilians and also spread to almost 50 other countries that neighbor of Africa or whether away from Africa.

After long time or much research, had done some good ways of vaccination of COVID-19 Pandemic or might it good news for African patient at getting good vaccine pave ways against Coronavirus.

In a genetic-sequencing institute in Durban, South Africa. sciences are allows some research against COVID-19 to find something against the Pandemic. The research did show that antibodies generated in reaction to infections with the original virus were as much as 48% less effective against the new variant, according to data presented on the webinar.

This is indeed good news for all of us‘, after the statement of South African Health Minister ‘Zweli Mkhize‘ said and have been give us an hope to get good vaccine in the new research or new African science.

Actually, Oxford university made a vaccine name AstraZeneca are now in trial at African Continents and getting some limited infection on preventing mind diseases from infection with 501Y.V2 variant, leading the government of  South Africa to switch the ‘Johnson & Jonhson’s shot for its initial vaccinations.

UK or Other Europeans countries already had banning Flights from South Africa but still South Africa can make their better immunity against COVID-19 in the new pave of ways.

AstraZeneca and new scientific research can save the people of South Africa than other African countries.

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