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What is blogging and why you choose, and how to beginning?

What is blogging and why you choose, and how to beginning? scroll down to see more. it can make your works and effort easy to get achievement, you can also make money online through writing content and publishing your knowledge.


what is blogging, why we should blogging and how to beginning
what is blogging, why we should blogging and how to beginning

What is Blogging?

” Blogging means that people should share all the things that you think they should know and learn in this world. it is to learn and share all about the things that you know about and something new that you learned about, while reading about it. it is the way of success and effort’s places, which can make your general and advance knowledge easy to create everything and share anything in this world.”

Around the world, many peoples and content writers are reached their achieve. much smalls publisher and bloggers wants to make yourself educated in the Internet and Social media times. they an also want to share some knowledge to them, who is unknown yet. So finally, we today shares the knowledge of some blogging and writing fields, and motive you to create yourself best and great. today we talks you about “Blogging” and what their “advantage” to beginning. we ask you question? If you interest and want to trust in blogging for making money, selling knowledge and general-knowledge, paid-courses, and free-courses about blogging (that means, if you sell to peoples), and making people and shares with student at motivation and etc. please stay connect with us. otherwise, if you don’t trust or interest in these option, please leave and see our next further pages and more articles.  

Why we choose Blogging and what their advantage?

Suppose, if we are an entrepreneur, advisor, and company holders, on them proposal we can create our separate portfolio, that will define to another identity of apart from company, that will yours, and also company will gives you a promotion, when you will accept yourself in your work and hard.

Okay, Let’s talk for main “structure”, where to you “Start” your present.

If you are Students, Business-holder, and Interest in blogging to keeping up, so that this ways will be helpful and motivational for you. Every Person has interest more than his life in Social Media and websites to achieve their influences, that these ways like just the journey of heaven at him. There is also paid and free work, which is very important for you, just like you want to work for SEO, Article-Writing, and content-Creating, then you should follow that the ways of Blogging. many peoples are spend there precious time at home, but they don’t know “how to use our part-times”. if you want to let your time in “Busy-Life”, then you can achieve of your choice. may your luck can make you “Big” person and genius.

Blogging is much easy than our school and colleges, we can’t believe, we can make money online? Yes, Exactly. It Also gives you money and your hard work’s value.

Still why we should Blogging?

Most of people are doing blogging for some earnings source, and much people are also working on “Blog” at their product and services value. The First way of blogging, if you follow the “product” and “Service” which is your first choice,so you can do writing to can keep your intention to make their things good, and making money through marketing, that will  make you motivated at that service and quality. Or if you keep under that products and services, you can also write about that quality which is you got, ad share to your followers and start making money through commission and conversion. 

Blogging. one of the way to beginning for earning and to be famous!

What their advantages?

May you seek, may you to create something from your own in this world, did it will possible from you. Yes, Exactly. you have to follow that ways of Blogging to make yourself great with your own face. when you’re an common people to thinks about your Next future on the Internet and Social media, you have to start your own career from home by making Blogs and Content for them, who wants to know from you, they will support you and follow you to make more content related them. and you can also make excited content and blogs to motivate and approach them through your identity as blogger. It is not more difficult, this can also do from an common people. 

Exactly you can also make your advantage through online market and online shopping sites. they ( e-commerce and shopping sites) will pay you, it’s only possible when you are the one of the famous “person” or “business” handles.

It can help you in these some your General Knowledge?

Yes, When you’re not know proper typing “keyboard” and not know how to computer and mobiles are works and how to learn properly about computer and Internet, it (Blogging) can help you to spike your confidence to make you intelligence. 

This can help you also in writing articles and educational books to share your experience at everywhere. You need to know what i can do after I’ve got much experience and I can write much content through our experience, after that you can take online order at write on,, and more Freelancing company to make money from Home or Office.

You can serve to another people In “Free” or “Paid” at writing articles and content. if they are beginners, then you can sale them that sources to make fluent money. “Blogging” is good way to use everywhere in sales, promotion and product satisfaction.

When you Join the Internet of blogging, you will define how to make your new world on the Internet.

How to start and what is their Beginning?

For that , you have to take a Domain name from Goddady, Bluehost , IONOS (Ionos for cheap Hosting) and meet another company ( Through Online), and you have to get Hosting that is useful in keeping your data and some CMS  and Images and posts putting. If you don’t know “What is Domain and Hosting” please comment us to get reply from us.


CAUTION :- Before forwarding to writing blog, you have to take Hosting and Domain, it is so compulsory. otherwise you can’t write article and posts regarding your Blog.


After you taken Hosting and Domain you have to Install WordPress, Drupal and Joomla, But remember it is only for ( Shared Hosting user or ) users,  not for VPS and SERVER users, If you have VPS and Dedicated Server then you have to Install L.A.M.P or Any Web server, Programming Language and Databases.

When you been complete Domain, Hosting and Installed WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal, then on the next you have to Install CMS Themes and Plugins.

By the way, Paid themes is Available, but in our Opinion you should use a custom theme!

Finally, you will got the Dashboard of CMS and Now you can Make some Categories, Pages and Posts to grow up your Blog.

If you want to setup your full website or WordPress and Drupal click on the links to follow the all basics


Thanks For reading.


Thank You, Written by RKM.

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