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Top blogger blog or business websites sold in 2022, blog sites business : Best blogging platform

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Every single day, every developer, designers, web developers, blogging platforms, starting a blog to sell blog or wesbite in high or best amount and new recetly made website or blog just got sold in millions of Dollar. The Blogger & WordPress blogs have a lot of categories like blogs to read, best blogstech blogs, health blogs free blogger templates, digital marketing blogs, lifestyle blog, news blogs and featured posts to get more traffic or alexa traffic rank into the Google Search, Yahoo Search and Bing blogs ranks.

Starting a blog is not easy to manage the Domain, Hosting, Writing Articles, making beautiful website or blog design and a lot of web developments. every new business holders and blogs writers are looking to get more web traffic, mobile or AMP traffic on their website’s posts & pages.

Free website traffic and beautiful website’s related traffic could needs a big amount from the buyers who want to buy any business or blogs websites.

The old websites and blogs are always demand a big amount of selling, for example you have more than 1000+ uers per day and you have a lot of earnings sources, keywords, ranking, marketing tools and many future’s topic to get more wealth from your sold websites.

Top 5 websites or blogs sold in year 2022?

1. VPNMENTOR Affiliate marketing (Security & Privacy blogs)

VPNmentor blogs is a world’s top beautiful unique blog of website security and vpns to explain the peoples and those who are want to make safety amid browsing internet, creating contents, payments, and other cards and personal informational to keep aware about the internet fraud and other illegal activities on your secure internet protocols. The VPNMentor is also a digital marketing or affiliate markting website to sell and earn commissions or monetize its site to all their field related Ads Networks. VPNmentor site sold on the Flippa in at least $150,000,000 USD under 1 month of listing fees of Flippa online website business sellers and buyers.


2. IFilmThings (Affiliate Marketing, Google AdSense & Ezoic ads and Trade doubler) is a 2.5 year old content affiliate site, in the film industry, filmy niche and earnings more than $1500 per month by a Swedish Website or affiliate marketing website creators or website owners to sell every day new site. The IFilmThings website is very lightweight and faster with Google Analytics, AdSense, Amazon Affiliate and other film related paid blogs sponserships.

The Seller of sold their site in the price of $30,000 in best bid of Flippa Website trades and receiving monthly bases EMI on the Flippa to make the easy trade for everyone in small amount of investements.


3. & (Survival/Prepper Niche & Diverse Sources in Affiliate Marketing and Display Advertising)
The Successful 9-year old websites, & both are have beautiful content, affiliate marketing and other blogs related website which sold in one single bid of $380,000 with the some years of EMI of $9,970 p/mo to pay in monthly payments.
The websites &  are have a lot of life, health, survival & Prepper niche to educate the visitors selling their products and services via Affiliated marktings to earn more than $7000 per month from monthy 48,000 users in a single site or blog earnings.

4. Rabbits.Life (Rabbit Blogs, Pet blogs, pet domain, website blog, pet youtube channel, Pet website, pet affiliate website)

The world’s top best pet blog, animal blog, health blog and life blog based wensite sold in $38,000 on the Flippa which sold by a Romanian Website developer. The earnings mothly $750 from Display Advertising, Affiliate marketing and Content sponserships.  The Care about Animals, Pets, Dieasese, trainings are have monthly 50,000+ monthly website users who have animal on their house or medication of pets. The content writers of have all about Rabbit Toys, Rabbit Foods, Rabbit outdoor cages, Rabbit wild, Rabbit Winters and etc to care all about the Rabbit and little animals.


5. (Adsense Site, Profitable Courier and Freight Tracking Niche, Parcels and delivery)

This the first newest Profitable Courier and Freight Tracking website who has only 9 month old with best design, monetizations, developements and API sold in $11,150 USD on Flippa and have a Website EMI option to pay in Splits. ITrackCourier website received more than 113 bids of thausands of Dollar to get sold. ITrackCourier website have +6K mothly traffic and earns $500 from AdSense and other sources. The ITrackCourier website writing contents, providing Profitable Courier and Freight Tracking, National and International Tracking system to get delivered to the customers destinatons.

Google AdSense is a part of income source of ITrackCourier website to make money through Display Ads, Courier Track and Delivery commission. The ITrackCourier website belongs to Swedish web developer or business holder to get all your through buying websites.




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