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Top best free plugins for blogging wordpress websites in 2022

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A lot of new and existing bloggers are looking to add more plugins and light weight WP theme for their new and old blogging website to increase the traffic and gain the monthly bases income from writing contents and creating SEO friendly articles. Are you want to make your website or blog more attractive or responsive for the ranking and handles all of better traffic of everyday.

WordPress is world’s top popular or highly selected Blogging Platfrom to start a beautiful website or blogs from today with no more coding needs and have every WP theme with own Plugins and Themes to install and activate for making website less than 10 minutes.

You must try or use these plugins for your new websites and customization of your newly websites or blogs. You can Write SEO friendly article without any ideas and research in help of WP plugins and Keyword Research tools.

You must Have or make Installed these WP Plugins to your WordPress Site.

 1. Google SiteKit Plugin

Every WordPress site owner and content creators are want to active a free SEO analytics tools to their same page of WP Dashboard to see all traffic, keywords and audiance without changing page to Google Analytics Official website. Site Kit Plugin provides a special function which included Traffic, Content and Speed of your website to monitors your valid and invalid traffic to your site to keep safe your any monetization platfroms from any number of violations. Create a ‘new Goal‘ functions to include your Futures all events and writing new SEO friendly works better.


 2. XMLSitemap & GoogleNews plugin

A first free tools from WordPress official developers to create your Sitemaps of all pages and blogs or articles to index in Google & Yahoo Search Consoles. The Yoast SEO tools is provides free Sitemaps but additionalfunctions will be deduct your money to pay and get your additional offers and other Keyword research tools.


 3. WordPress AMP Plugin

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is most popular article and pages based speed up tools to increase the page speed without lossing or deleting highly size of featured images on WordPress site’s aritcles. The AMP Version of your site may reduce the size your image upto 80% with instaly load on the other mobiles and tablets. AMP Plugin will make all your site’s articles more faster and increasing the with best top 10 keyword’s ranks. Every new website’s free or paid WP theme provides a AMP tools for bloggers to setup AMP Plugin to increase the image loading Speed in responsive mobile pages. All the contents of your site will be loaded instanly and also smoothly the Website’s images would be ready under less than 1 second.


 4. ReCaptcha Plugin

If your site is unsecure from invalid page entries and submitting bot traffic to your database or If you have given a page for students and Creators to fill and win Prize for the audiances. You Should try keep safe your website’s databases from anonymouse person who have created a bot for your website to keep down your site’s speed by creating unnecessary high traffic. You must install ReCaptcha to secure your databases and Form Fill pages. This plugins will automatically bypass the bot and illigal traffic on your site.


 5. Contact Form 7 Plugin

The Last and final WP Plugins you must have in your WordPress website to increase your Subscription and Contact information for those have trust your work and joins your website via filling contact forms and have does contacts you. The Contact Form 7 plugin will helps you to create your newsletters and other peoples who have existing customers for your site and when you selling blogging related assets.


These top 5 WordPress plugins will increase your website traffic, SEO Friendly, KeywordResearch and Website Security to write and publish your article everyday to share with your audiances for earn online money and other educational purposes.

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