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Top 5 ways to increase your website and page speed in 2022 : Website Boost & Rank

These ways to increase your traffic, rank, mobile friendly, SEO Friendly, AMP or CDN and more advance features to get more organic traffic, Social and Referral traffic for your website or blog in 2022.


Top 5 ways to increase your website and Pages speed in 2022 : Website Speed Boost & Rank Fast On Google

The most number of website’s owner and bloggers are thinking about website site speed or their pages speeds to rank, loading, advertisement, users friendly, user experience and other online business.  The Blogger or WordPress users are wants to change something or add new strategy to improve a fast website and high traffic to get more users friendly experiences and low time consumption. The website speed or website’s pages speed can help you to make more website works and earn money, write posts and rank, open online stores, best quality in page loading and fast speed to reach site.

The site speed is most matters to include more users experience and make your day better with your online business, online advertising, Affiliate Marketing.

 How to speed up your sites/Pages in year 2022 with new strategy?

In the early, Website developers, Website designer and website creators are joined many programming languages to make site fast and reliable using PHP, JavaScript, JAVA, Python many new yearly programming languages to make website fast, responsible for the Business and Online Advertising and writing Contents.

In the 2022, Mostly pre-build technology, Website theme, plugins, CMS, website design, Functionalities are available in the world. mostly Freelancers are going to create every day something new to make their digital world better with new future.  today we share something new tips and top 5 ways to speed up your site or business. The new technology is more advanced to create something in less time or make more attraction into your website. 

Top 5 ways to increase website speed and website pages speed in 2022 to make your site more faster. 

These 5 new assets to make your site more fast, reliable, responsive and pages speed. See below. In 2022, Your website will be more important to make money online and make your business online and everywhere better with website speed and fast request rate with 99% uptime.

1. CDN (Content Delivery Network)

Always Add ‘CDN‘ into your website’s IP address to create a new attract website with adding of CDN (CloudFlare), The CDN can help you to increase your website speed and every request for your website will be success with fast loading time of your blog and online business. The mostly shared, VPS and Dedicated hosting providers includes CDN to make your website’s current or real time traffic better with handling soft without loads your website’s CPU, RAM and SSD spaces. You Should purchase domain and hosting from them who offers you paid/free CDN to your site’s panel or purchase for mostly 50K+ website. The cloudFlare and most number of CDN services providers are host your CDN in free of cost to you can choose for handling more traffic easily without extra pay to the hosting providers. The CDN is provide you wide range of IPs and locations where users can easily reach your site without losing time and getting waiting periods.

How CDN works in 2022 or how it profitable for your website to get more attraction. see below.

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So CDN can help you to increase your wide range for your website’s international or abroad traffics. mostly big website are using CDN to help their website design and databases to include more immunity of server.


2. AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

One of most thing everyone forgot amid website development, website design and WordPress theme development. mostly blogger and content writer need a big SEO supports for the rank in the Google, Bing and other Search Consoles. In the Google Search, more than 87% is mobile users where the search rate is 75% from Mobile Phone in 24 Hours, 7% of total search with IOS or Apple Devices and 18% search rate of Desktop and Tablet.

In the mobile friendly theme, Mobiles Keywords and user’s experiences. You should make a AMP theme or Mobile Friendly Website to bring more traffic from Google and other Search Engines. The AMP version of your website or blog, will make your site more perfect and soft running to increase the User Experience or bounce rate to speed up the users thinks and supports.

AMP is one of more popular Assets or way for the blogger, content writer or publisher to make good articles or blogs for their own website or blog to increase a fast users experiences, fast loading time or high amount of Google Searches or keyword based traffic from each other Search Console or ranking.  For the users experience, ranking posts on mobiles traffic, mobile unique fast results, or covering 85% of total mobile post’s ranks with unique keywords and traffics.


3. Create A custom website design or Custom theme (with Visible functions to allow your site more friendly)

Mostly website or blog, newly or old website’s owners are using pre-built theme or website designs. we recommends to the  blogger or developers for the custom theme, custom website design or custom website functions to allow the soft website speed or fast website ranking with low number of unnecessary files, folders or functions to increase the website’s page loading time or ranking on Google.  The sort features or valuable features of website will help you to increase a website spreads with fast display and with low number of  VPS, Shared Hosting or Dedicated hosting plans. The Custom design or custom website functions will supports the website to increase the website smoothness or faster speed of loading design or functions.

Create unique functions or design with low number of coding and high short programming codes with Python to increase a fast coding generating on the website to load instantly. 

The Smooth, fast or self created official function and design will make your website more friendly with other features like SEO, AMP, CDN speed, Loading time, increase the value of PPC ratings and large amount of Incoming traffic source with handle faster. You can use the Functions of WordPress to make a responsive design, custom themecustom theme function or dynamic functions. You should Hire a web developer or you can easily make theme with no extra features to include more Advanced website’s ownership and fast loading, Indexing, smooth load for the users.


4. Work mostly on SEO, Keyword research and Backlinks to increase your organic traffic from Search Engines. 

The Keyword research, Marketing, website SEO tools will improve a big quality in the website or blog to increase your site traffic from Organic search or other Referral links. The tools regarding SEO, Traffic Sources, Website Rank, Website Analytics, marketing tools and many kind of digital tools can help you to increase a large number of skills for developing your website for the future of Organic traffic.

Make your website most DA/DR authority by working on keywords and backlinks. Index your website with Google Search consoles, Yahoo webmaster tools and Bing Webmaster tools. There are more website analytics tools are available to increase website traffic from the way of Organic, referral and search engines.

SEO keywords, backlinks, Unique topics, unique content will help you to increase a more valuable words and content. the content analytics or keyword researching tools are more popular to rank your with different kind of keyword or organic traffic.


5. Purchase A Non-Hosted VPS or Dedicated Hosting than Shared Hosting, to increse the website smoothness from SSD, CPU or RAM speed. 

The most blogger or freelancers are using the Self-Hosting platforms like WordPress, Weebly and BlogSpot. The real way for the website owner to increase traffic and domain authority by purchasing a VPS or Dedicated non-hosted domain hosting to make a good day with own website for Online Store and Blog. The Blogger or Weebly is providing only provide the simple traffic firms and website ownership, but the all data are saved in their Own databases. you should make your own databases, Web Server, Custom theme, purchase Website Domain, add CDN and expend all the website’s things.

The own server and own theme development is more incredible to include more features by adding extra and advance features. The Blogger or any other Self-Hosted website will not include more features to increase the more features and speed of website but you can do that easily with Custom website.

The website/blog or business portfolio you can easily create to make your site more friendly, SEO Friendly, Website Speed, Own Database, own website theme and other many features to increase a skill for the increasing traffic and rank on google.

These ways to create your site with many friendly things and most popular things to make more attractive website with large amount of Organic traffic and get more ranks of your article on the google.


Thank you!

Written By RKM

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