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Top 5 ways to Increase Website Traffic in 2022 : Website Earning & Traffic

How to get website traffic or how to increase website traffic in 2022, including social media pages, website or YouTube channel, PPC ads for marketing, online earnings with website, how to earn money with Adsense in 2022. how to rank your site and how to rank your blog post in google, yahoo or bing search engine to make your site more profitable.


Top 5 ways to Increase your Website Traffic in 2022, Website Earning & Traffic in 2022.

No matter how much you earns from your website and other digital sources of earnings, Your Website can help you to increase your wealth and health for the online or internet world. In the new world of 2022, website development, SEO, Online Earnings, Make money, All earnings of abroad Remittances, website genuine traffic in 2022, Keyword Research and others can help you to make money using your website.

Many website owners are asked questions on the internet to make their business better with the field of online digital world.  these questions like ‘how to make money 2022‘, ‘Website traffic 2022‘, ‘SEO for website‘, ‘Affiliate Marketing 2022‘, ‘How to boost your website traffic‘, ‘Blogging website traffic’, ‘quality website backlinks’, ‘how to create a website or blog’, ‘how to increase traffic of UK, US and other high CPC traffic in 2022’ and ‘how to make money online’  are asked on the Google and other search engine to increase website traffic and other.

We provide all answers related these question, see below. 

‘How to increase Website Traffic in 2022’

‘How to increase website earning 2022’

‘how to boost website traffic for blogging, digital marketing and affiliate market site’.

‘how to get more quality traffic for blog or websites’.

Top website Traffic sources in 2022.

How to Monetize website in year 2022.

how to apply for the AdSense, and AdsTerra.

Top website niche to earn $1000 per month.

In this short blog of ‘How to increase genuine website traffic in 2022’ you can learn more about Website and Earning topics.

These ways to increase your website traffic in 2022.

  1. Make your website mobile SEO friendly, AMP (Accelerated mobile pages) or AMP friendly.
  2. Write all unique top keyword related quality blog with large number of long words and techniques to get more organic traffic using best performance keywords.
  3. Optimize your websites blog with Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster tools and Yahoo website index tools.
  4. Be Activate or make your own Social media profiles and pages to share many things to your page’s followers to bring more traffic from Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.
  5. Improve your SEO quality and research more related to keywords, PPC, top high CPC keywords, Viral News and many daily breaking news which is related to your blog or categories.

How to get website traffic or how to increase your website traffic in 2022 ?

First way, Improve your website’s mobile friendly article using AMP mobile version to every article to reach more mobile users to get your traffic by world’s top 64% users of mobile phone. In the world, mostly mobile friendly users are searching related to all keyword worlds to make your website best performance through AMP friendly site. In the year 2022, Mobile Friendly Article, mobile pages, mobile friendly AMP websites, SEO friendly articles. In the world,  500 Million traffic on the website comes from Mobile Devices with best number of Bounce rate and best CPC keywords. AMP version or Mobile friendly website version you should have to implement for the future of mobile phone industry, according to Google and Bing 72% of website visitors are unlikely to return to a site they had trouble using on a mobile device because of there are not high speed pages loading accelerator like AMP pages. You should make your website Mobile, Tablet and Apple IOS friendly with AMP (Accelerated mobile friendly) to make your site SEO friendly on Google, Bing and Yahoo.


Second Way, Write Unique article to get more traffic and website traffic source via the Google Search console, twitter and Facebook or other social media and organic traffic sources. The 95% of total website traffic comes from Google and other Search Engines because there are many users actives and mostly Advertisers need more real time traffic and Advertisement profit from Google Adword and other promotion’s websites. The mostly Unique traffic you can get from United States, UK, Germany, Australia, France and Russia in the high CPC rated keywords and top keywords. Your unique article related more different kind of posts or blogs will help you to boost your website traffic in under 1 month of remaining. every day millions of peoples are searching on Google, Bing and Yahoo to make their choice better in search engines and supports. Your unique article will be in the top 10 list of Google Search Engine to make more money and business better with the way of writing Events, Future and viral articles. Your blog will perform better with these kind of articles like How to make money, ‘How to make own website’, ‘how to make money online with monetization’, ‘earn online’ and make your blog so popular in your own online business. Writing article on the top keywords might help you to increase selling on your website by targeting specific real time audience to promote your site and business in easy ways.



Third Way, Make your own profile on the social media and promote for your thinks on the social and share much motivational videos and images to get more likes and followers to increase your ‘Social Mediatraffic into your site in the best way of using social media. You should promote your social media account like Facebook Pages, Twitter Handles, other Pinterest account to increase your organic and promoted traffic onto your profile and get more website visitors by sharing everyday something new.

Remember : if you want to apply for AdSense and other Ads Network and other earning or monetization sites for your blog, you should have to keep your site away from “Paid Promotion” for getting invalid traffic. According to the policy and term & conditions of AdSense and other Ads Network because their policy for ‘Invalid Traffic and Invalid Clicks‘ much strict. 

Social media profile almost 85% helps to the media, news publishers and daily viral blog writers. mostly big news channels, website and viral news providers uses Social account with the 85% of total website and blog traffic source than organic and other referral sources.


Fourth way, Make your website fully responsive like mobile, tablet, desktop and IOS friendly to improve more quality of every article and website’s traffic sources through different ways of responsive website. In the 2022, responsive website/blog will help you create more attraction in your site or every blog post to increase the quality traffic using best keywords and social media. add more responsive website tools and light version of themes to easily load time or Page Insights, Page light version, quality of traffic for website and quality of images, videos, include light version of AMP version theme and plugins, SEO friendly article with light version of theme or plugins, create simple responsible theme of website using WordPress or Blogger. fast insight, less load time, instantly results of your blog or website will help you to increase more visitors thoughts better with large amount of traffic via social or organic sources. The responsive website theme will help you to make more easy ways for increasing traffic.



Fifth way, Create YouTube Channels, Host a webinar & create PPC ads, make account on the Quora and other blogging or content writing or website development related websites and accounts to create better experience by each other people to show the best knowledge regarding website and online earnings. If you are business holder than make PPC ads campaign on the Google Adwords or other advertising or marketing websites to get more sells or traffic on your business site. you do not promote your site/blog with PPC ads where you writing content or getting Ads Network’s approval like AdSense to make money online. Exact Audiences you can target for your product marketing, services, selling, online stores or affiliate market. But if you have or want to make an AdSense or other ads Network account then you should away from Paid Advertising or paid promotion of your sites. You must create a YouTube channel to earn money on YouTube and other Pinterest, Reddit and yahoo accounts to get more traffic via sharing your experience and other technology or blogging related knowledges.


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