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These 5 New Websites getting Organic and Quality Traffic in 2022 : Crypto Blogging

Top New ways to increase website traffic 2022, These 5 Websites getting a lot of Traffic from Organic, & backlink. AMP, Online earning, Crypto blogging, New Keywords, Keyword Research and DA & PA.


These 5 new websites getting a lot of Organic and Quality Traffic in 2022 : Crypto Blogging

A new technology are providing new technology and creator, blogger, publisher and many ways for making more website better with new professional ideas for grow website in short time. In the new blogging world of new Keywords, backlinks and traffics are coming new keyword which searches everyday with 1 million+ searches and results. The Technology is belongs to Bitcoin, Blockchain, Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, Safemoon, Solana, Ethereum, coins and new top 10 Altcoins of 2022 keyword and websites.

The Twitter is a world’s top famous cryptoCurrencies related traffic generator where the most number of big investors of cryptocurrines are using some new keywords, topics, hashtags, handles and accounts which they provide many millions of CryptoCurrency related tokens and coins to empower the profit of Crypto traders, holders and investors of 2022.

Below, we give you some new website which are mostly different from normal blogging website or biggest websites. 

Top 5 Crypto News,  Investment, Blogging & Online Bitcoin Earning websites of 2022.

The Thausands of Website are launched day-by-day with new Crypto News, Crypto Analysis, Investment advices, Blockchain technology, Crypto Accepts news, Bitcoin and Ethereum and many other crypto related future and newest project to earn more profit by investing in Crypto in 2022.

1. CoinTelegraph 

World’s top viewers are visiting everyday (CoinTelegraph) news to reach more news, Investment plans, ETFs, Mining, Software and other Bitcoin and CryptoCurrencies related tokens and coins. The CoinTelegraph reaching 1 Million+ Visitors from most top countries like United States, UK, Franch, Netherland, Canada, Singapore, China, Nigeria, Switzerland, Russia, Gemany and Japan. As per the crypto future, the visitors of CoinTelegraph reaching new surges in Year 2021 where Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Shiba & Ethereum mostly searches on the Google, Bing, Yahoo and other Search Engine including Chinese. The CoinTeleGraph have Millions of Backlinks, Domain Authority & Page Authority (DA & PA) from a lot of CryptoCurrencies and Business related Websites.

The CoinTelegraph World’s top New York Based Media & news Company which written Thausands of Articles on their Website and many other Social Platforms. The NewYorktimes and many American media covered mostly the first article about CryptoCurrencies or Bitcoin in year 2010-2013 till yet 2022. The technology about Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto shared on the White Paper and many international media shown that news to publicity but unfortunettly there were not more Crypto Related Traffic on the Google and other Search Engine because Google and many companies banned on its platform for the Decentralized and Fraud related Coins.


2. CoinDesk

CoinDesk is top oldest crypto related website which launched in May 2013 in New York, United States. The New York was the first State of US, where Most number of media was published news related Crypto, Bitcoin, Ethereum and about many coins an its Decetralizations. CoinDesk was the first media and news company which allowed or Installed 100+ Bitcoin ATMs in Many City of United States in early Year 2021.

The CoinDesk publishing news related, Bitcoin ETFs, Crypto Whales, Crypto Market, Crypto Analysis, Price Prediction, Crypto Advertisement, Bitcoin and Ethereum Acceptances in Any Countries, Softwares, Mining related News, Top Coin of 2022, Best Performed Tokens of 2022 and Crypto Website Monetizations. The CoinDesk is permoting all the crypto related, Businesses, Finance, Borrows and Token Migrate and Token Burn news and blogs to create a new spread of CryptoCurrencies.  The CoinDesk have Millions of Backlinks, Domain Authority & Page Authority (DA & PA) from a lot of CryptoCurrencies and Business related Websites.

CoinDesk getting 800K daily Traffic from top countries which Google AdSense & allows, but Still CoinDesk are third Party ads of Crypto Currencies, Crypto Exchanges, Crypto Reward and many different ads with high level CPC of $10 in Bitcoin method of payments.

3. Bitcoin Magazine

World’s first Bitcoin news, means Only Bitcoin News, Bitcoin Magazine, Bitcoin Analysis, Bitcoin ETFs, Bitcoin Archives and future of Bitcoin Price Predictions. The Bitcoin Magazine is a heavy domain who publish the most number of Bitcoin and Ethereum news to share the news and Blogs to their daily audiances. BitcoinMagazine is getting every day 600K viewers and new visitor with best number of Ranking in Bitcoin News, Bitcoin Price and Bitcoin Future keywords and Backlinks of Bitcoin Magazine Website Authority.

The Bitcoin Magazine is earnings money from other Monetization Ads Networks than Google AdSense, and etc. The AdSense is a display and Responsive ads network which liked by Google AdWord and the CoinZilla, and other Crypto and Coins Monetizing network ads offers more high earnings source on the Crypto Advertisement or Other Crypto Sponsorship Ads on the Crypto Blogging sites.

4. CoinMarketCap

CoinMarketCap is a world’s first Trading, Swaps, Buy & Sell and News Crypto Guest blog publishing website where anyone can list their genuine crypto site to get more traffic for those who are a big publisher of Crypto & Token, NFTs, MetaVerse related Blog or Article publishers. You have to create a CryptoGraphy website and Write Genuine Contents, blogs and Analysis for the Bitcoin and other CryptoCurrencies. Make sure, You can easily get a approval of CoinMarketCap for traffic, Backlinks, DA & PA for largest amount of Quality Traffic on your Blog or Websites. CoinMarketCap is a public source or open source crypto website which provides a large amount of Traffic for Publisher of CryptoCurrencies and daily articles on the crypto and Bitcoins.

CoinMarketCap have millions of Downloads and daily thausands of trader, investors, swaps and Crypto Coins and Token. Earn money on CoinMarketCap by Writing Contents, Traffic Source for Publisher and Backlink and quality of Traffic for your new blogs and website of CryptoCurrencies.

4. CoinQuora

The CoinQuora Ripple to Set Up Its Regional Office in Dubai, UAE in 2020 to 2022.  The CoinQuora is provides Latest Crypto News, price analysis, and opinion on the financial technology used to enhance financial services, including virtual banks, cryptocurrencies, startups, and regulations. CoinQuora is an online publication that aims to educate about news, exchanges, and markets in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. The CoinQuora is a famous news media group in Banks, Fianance, BusinessStartups, Blockchain Developments and future of CryptoCurrcies in the other Essential service and News related Bitcoin for the world of Financial Industry.

The CoinQuora is known as who the peoples are knews but actully Quora is not Sponsored by The CoinQuora is a CryptoGraphy news and trading analysis media groups which have a lot of traffic from US and UK where the most number of investors are believe CoinQuora is Quesions & Answer platforms for Crypto Related news. In the Future, Quora wil be accept CoinQuora as a Crypto related Keywords because of the Quora has lost their Quora related domain CoinQuora for the future of new Keywords in the Google and Bing.

CoinQuora has 100K daily Crypto related users and viewers from Oman, UAE, USA, Saudi, Kuwait, France, UK and many high top SEO and website CPC related traffic.

The CoinQuora is a historical cryptocurrencies which published a oldest or DigiCash related News in their ‘History Of CryptoCurrencies’ sections in the website. CoinQuora is a normal website which runs Google AdSense ads and other CoinZilla ads on their platforms.  CoinQuora made on WordPress Theme and all news CoinQuora publish related Blockchain, Crypto Website, Top Coins, Crypto token reviews, Price Predictions of Coin of every years from since 2020.


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