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How ‘Twitter’ help to bloggers or website ranks and SEO ? : Twitter for Blogging

How ‘Twitter’ help to a blogger and content writer and Blog ranking on Google, Bing and other social media and tags to get more traffic from Search Engine.


How ‘Twitter’ help to a blogger and website ranks and SEO : Twitter for Blogging

Almost around the world social network Twitter, handles 1 Billion+ users on their social platform named Twitter. Everyday having many trends of Hashtag, Title and Keywords. But Bloggers are still have many distance from Twitter to getting more traffic from #Hashtags, #Tag, #Title and #Keywords to reach more audiences in free with Twitter’s treand.

Although, Many bloggers are using Twitter in their website or blog to bring more audiences on their Blog’s through Twitter’s everyday treand because most of bloggers are don’t really about Twitter for reach more traffic in free for their website or Blog and portfolio.

So,  more #Hastags, #titles, #Tag and more #keywords are doing on the trends which is belong to #Politics, #Tech and #Science, #entertainment, #gaming,  #bussiness, #market,  #blogging, #MakeMoney, #MakeMoneyOnline, #earn, #invest, #website. #websitedevelopmemt #webdesign #stocks, #money and etc.

How to rank your Website or Blog using Twitter?

One of most users of twitter always posting related #Keywords, #Title, #Hashtag and #Tags to make thier post’s publicity and increase more traffic through Twitter and other social media, but Twitter had been rolled more importancy to reach new audiance.

All These keywords and hashtag which is belong, #Blogging,  #Keywords, #Hashtags, #Blogs, #blogging, #SEO, #AMP, #webdesign,  #Makemoney, #money,  #bloggingMoney,  #websiteMoney, #wordpress, #CMS, #earnmoney, #internet, #freelance, #ContentWriter and more keywords to get more audiences through Twitter.

Actually, twitter always spreads all News and Breakings to reach or stay connected more audiences real time. Also there have an opportunity to bring audiance’s posts on real time traffic monitoring and impressing much better than other social media networks.

According to Google Search Console, Twitter have more needy to reaching more traffic from Twitter to website’s pages. all your website’s pages, articles, updates and content will reach more SEO friendly topic and keyword’s traffic on your website.

Twitter or any other social media Actually for more traffic and users but it would also helps to every new bloggers and content writers or publishers to reach more audiences in free of cost via twitter’s impressions and clicks.


Amid using or posting on twitter, you may have a chance of daily trending topics to reach peoples of world. if you are a News, Entertainment, Publisher or content writers then you choose twitter first to stay popular in between of #hashtag or #Keywords.


So, finally you should have to use Twitter for your website / Blogs to get more traffic or audiances at reaching most users every day.


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Written by RKM.

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