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How premium WordPress theme impact on your website or blog : WP Premium and Free theme

blogger are purchasing shared hosting and a normal domain with less price are impacts on your other kind of features in your new blog like SEO, MobileFriendly, AMP, Responsive, Images, quality of videos and other top features.


How premium WordPress theme impact on your site : WP Premium and Free theme

The websites of blogger and content publisher needs more traffic, keywords, speed, ranking, Accelerated mobile pages, on article SEO, on web article SEO and other but some things we mostly forgot about our website and blog maintenance and update.

Today we shares something about the website themes, design and WordPress free theme Vs premium themes to detect your website’s health and advantage of future. many newly and old existing blog website runners are using WP free theme, WP custom theme and WP premium themes for their own website to make make money and bringing the new and daily top level traffic about approximately 10,000 visitors to 50,000 visitor with writing daily large amount of content and blogs.

The question mostly asked on the Internet for these queries, see below. 

1. How to make money online with blogging ?

2. How to make website or blog with WordPress ?

3. How to speed up your site ?

4. Which blogging theme better for WordPress ?

5.  Who is better WordPress Custom themes, premium themes and free themes?

that all question has mostly asked on the google from the around the world, mostly institutions and part time workers are wants to make a own website for their side work with website and blog.

What is the best WP themes for blogging?

The top best WordPress theme ( ZoxNews ) has now more value in use of wordpress community because their all soft and premium features with low cost of price and high fast, responsible and SEO friendly wp theme.

By the way, You can easily create WordPress custom theme learning PHP, HTML, CSS and JS to improve the quality of website. the Custom theme is best option for everyone to use WordPress with the own development.

Our Blogging Journey and Opinions says, You should have to Create a own WordPress theme to make more fast and responsive by the adding visible functions than  free or premium themes.

You can also go for the ‘WP FREE THEME’ to make a own blogging website using free of cost development charges but if you have more time on your side then try and use the ‘WP Premium theme’ for the better functionality. Premium WordPress theme better than FREE or any new in-completed or under construction theme with broken files, missing of codes and other security functions.

How Premium WP theme impacts on your website, SEO, Speed, Advertisement, Mobile Friendly, Responsive and AMP?

Mostly new blogger are purchasing shared hosting and a normal domain with less price, but they don’t know how the low hosting bandwidth and low server up time will impact on your Premium theme (at least price of between $50 to $100 a single theme purchasing ) are impacts on your other kind of features in your new blog like SEO, MobileFriendly, AMP, Responsive, Images, quality of videos and other top features.

A Premium WordPress theme almost includes many kind of features for a beginner but the Hosting bandwidth are not match with the top daily traffic arrives, Mobile Users, WP Plugins and their requirement, Search Console Impressions, performance and coverage and other many new dashboard features will be impacts on your website‘s loading and health.

If you are going with VPS with 1GB of RAM, 4vCore of CPU, Unlimited Bandwidth of 1 GBPS, then you can directly go with theWP Premium Theme‘ and may you can make your own ‘WP Custom Theme’ to put visible functions in your custom made blog theme.

A WP custom theme will a way for both Shared Hosting users and VPS to integrate more types of Similar functions to allow and see the results of WordPress blog website more performed.

If you are using more Overload, unnecessary functionality  and many function providing dashboard of theme, you can use CDN (Content Delivery Network) for the website’s fast speed and more around the world.

Many Advertisement companies are shares you an big back-end code to implement on your site for making money but can’t know how much CPU and RAM they uses for showing ads on our blog.

Our OpinionCustom WP Theme, VPS, Server Deployment will be a best way to make money or make your own blogs

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