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Can blogging market beats vlogging? : Future Blogging Analysis

Future Blogging : Can blogging market beats vlogging? : Future Blogging Analysis Welcome to rkmtimes, today we talk about different between Future Blogging Vs Future Vlogging. In the way of same bloggers and vlogger to know more about the Future, Some questions were asked on our Blogging section and shoots E-mail on  our contact section, […]



Future Blogging : Can blogging market beats vlogging? : Future Blogging Analysis

Welcome to rkmtimes, today we talk about different between Future Blogging Vs Future Vlogging. In the way of same bloggers and vlogger to know more about the Future, Some questions were asked on our Blogging section and shoots E-mail on  our contact section, the many peoples mostly asked about blogging or future blogging. So today we analyzing for the future Blogging and vlogging achievement.

Many peoples want to know more about thier future in blogging or vlogging to spend more time at work and feeling their career will perfect.

We gives list of all different sections to read about your future thoughts, you can read.

What Different between money and time investment?

By the way,  mostly peoples think and spends more time in the one of best field and makes best ideas to re gain their income and time on the perfect ways. because don’t wanna to see himself in falls of hard and no way after the much hard or effort.

By the way,  mostly peoples spend more time on blogging or vlogging but both spending in the two different ways, every bloggers want to be keep up their work and beginning of blogging or vlogging. Normally, in the blogging you might be spending some money but in vlogging it same still to make your career on the internet world. Because there in the Blogging you must spend some money to domain, hosting and if you have programming knowledge then you can make your site by using LAMP or XAMP server, rather than you purchase shared hosting to get full completed your site with wordpress or any CMS.

By the way, approximately you will get a complete website with wordpress in minimum $20 to $50 with some features like pre-installed WordPress, Plugins, paid Themes, Tools on the shared premium hostings. It much better for beginners or blogging to start their work in easy steps, and in the vlogging you should buy Camera, Videos Editing Sofware, Computer or laptop, travels episodes to share to your audiences to get best results.

by the way, in blogging you can make your own website for writing blog, but in the Vlogging you must be follow the all videos and streaming website to make popular yourself. if you have interest for publishing videos of Vlog on the Youtube, it will be better way for doing beginning of Vlogging. YouTube is one of the most popular ways to gain money or share yourself to the audience and earn or make your career easy.

if you have any SmartPhone, the you can start Vlogging on the Youtube in Free of cost, but if you looking for Posting blog or Writing Blog, then you must pay something to buy some important thing like Domain name, Hosting and some website tools.

By the way, Normally you have to pay once if you beginning in Blogging but in the Vlogging you can try it exactly free of cost, but Vlogging some tools like Mobile or Laptop, Free or Paid Videos Editing Software, Travels Packages or Tech Knowledge to share anything to your fans or Audiences. 

Both ways are good but blogging is much good than Vlogging at the investment of time or money.



How to Bringing popularity, audiance and troubles to grow? 

By the way, bloggers and vloggers are always focus on the social media and digital platform to connect their audiance directly and instantly, But some right ways is available on the blogging and vlogging world.

By the way, for the beginner’s of Vlogging are always does much effort to stay success on the videos sharing platform but if they want to be keeping large number of audiance in their Channel or User account then they should have to try for quality because it is not easy for only beginners to extand the quality of Vlog to being make their people’s experiance. In the Vlogging on the YouTube, can be oftentimes victim of Community Guidelines, copyright claims but Blog is not more victims than Vlogging.

In the blogging you can try for Best SEO tools, Social media, and sharing to keep make their Blog website incredible for getting everyday new users and traffic.

By the way, blog reader or bloggers can require for contents quality of writing and watching videos or vlogging can require for video quality and motivation to grow your influence in between your followers. And making that, can be much hard to grown in Blogging or Vlogging.

Mostly people want to keep away from showing face of yourself into the during Vlogging, if they want to share only knowledge and motivational tips to their audiance in vlogging but some people are still interest to be famous with face and accurate Vlogging videos on her life.

By the way, normally people are not seeing anyone face, if there will be not any neccesery tip for learning through your, otherwise they will be quiet from your channel and will be visit any ahead of any category to gain anything from theirs. But they will not interest again in you if you never shared anything before.

In the Blogging, mostly people are interest to read everything new and get any kind of achievement. blogging is easy than Vlogging, because Vlogging needs much hard to make Videos quality and content quality but Blogging is only satisfied when if you share some best and motivational knowledge to make people motive and interesting.

Before of Vlogging you must try for Blogging, it is much easy then Vlogging but will be required for some money because it is much easy then making videos, editing videos, editing Voices, maybe you will away from much effort of Single videos.


What Method of earnings and beneficial ways? 

In blogging you will be able to create a popular Website and perfect work, in vlogging it is not good to get it easy without of videos making. In blog you can similar work to keep it up in Google Search, Bing Search, but in Vlogging mostly people are already available to see your kind of results.

In Blogging you can make daily thaunsands of posts, but in Vlogging you might not be prepared for creating best one videos if you don’t have any kind of quality tools. Vlogging can waste more time to make any kind of one things, but blogging much valueble making different type of Blogs.

In your personal blog you can create many different kind of categories, posts and pages to make your posts by specific category and in vlogging you will be able for only one kind of categories. for example, you already working for “Vlogging” then if you minds at “Tech, Science, Entertainment” topic it will be non-profitable for you, your visitors can be in confused to see thier kind Of Vlogging videos.


Earning between Blogging and Vlogging is much differentive to get a large number of results in Earning, Blogging can gives you top Number of earnings than Vlogging or Youtubers earnings. In the traffic between Blogging or Vlogging has much difference to get in easy or hard. If you bringing your blogging into the large number of traffic it will be beneficial for any Search Engine like Google, Bing and yahoo, but if you bring traffic in specific channel on YouTube then your Vlog will be trend in the Around the YouTube, but not in every platform of Search Engine like Google. In the Blogging you can make a special platform for writing content, publishing videos, uploading images, but in Vlogging you can only upload videos and also will only get traffic for videos, not for full website to get everytime paid by advertisement or marketing companies.

Your Vlogging Channel can get money through advertisement from any company’s or google, but in vlogging you will get advertisement or improvement of google but any company will not advertisement before of adsense or google products. You have to follow the policy of google and YouTube before of publish advertisement on Your Videos.

But in Blogging it is much easy to get money or advertisement approval from any network. After the Adsense approval you can try for affiliate marketing, Product marketing, Native Ads, Full content ads, and more popular advertisement ways. but in Vlogging is only gives you a chances ( before of affliliate marketing, and but not for any native ads to make big money in the same traffic. ) which is only adsense.


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Last Update : 2-Oct-2020

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