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Best SEO tools for blogging and Website, how to get Organic Traffic for Publishers : Website Rank 2022

How to get more organic traffic on my website 2022, Best SEO tools for blogging and Website Organic Traffic , How to install wordpress theme, how to make mobiles friendly websites, SEO tools, MetaData, Sitemaps, Robots.txt, Mobile friendly website, Mobile Friendly Resposive theme.


Best SEO tools for blogging and Website Organic Traffic for Publishers : Website Rank 2022

World’s top new and old blog/websites are looking for the organic, social and direct traffic on its Articles and Photos to generate new users and best users experiance from legal way of Google and other social media than advertising New Website/Blog anywheres.

How to get more organic traffic on my website?

Mostly bloggers are thinks how to get more organic website traffic from Google, Facebook and other platforms to get more users per day with best bounce rate or user’s experiances.

How to make your own WordPress, Blogger & CMS theme for SEO Friendly?

First of all, You make your own blog / website with best SEO freindly Codes and Theme to Install on your website’s CMS to include more advanced features like SEO tools, MetaData, Sitemaps, Robots.txt, Mobile friendly website, Mobile Friendly Resposive theme styles and etc.

When you have completely installed the WordPress & Blogger own theme into your website’s index page, next to you to customize your website with Sidebar, Main Page, Footer and Header to make an simple Spaces for Sidebar Ads and other Ads placements.

After all your basic and advanced Settings configuration, we will go for the option of SEO to Index your website into Google, Get more Articles Backlinks to increase value in Google, How to increase your website’s search & rank into Google & Bing, Rank you Article & Category in Google Search Console.

How to Index your website or Blog into Google Search Console?

First of all, you should have to install one of these tools like Yoast SEO, MonsterInsights, All in One SEO, Netpeak Spider & WP Meta SEO to confirm all your Google Analytics & Google Search Console or Its Property into Google Search platforms. That the all tools will helps you to integrate your WordPress website’s Articles and Metadata into Google Search Console For Index article or Rank Articles in Google or Bing Webmaster tools.

we have completed yet some steps of Confirming Plugins and Integration into Google Search Console or Webmaster. now we are going for the types of Index in Robots.txt and Sitemaps.

How to make Sitemap and robots.txt?

You can get an free generated Sitemaps into your Yoast SEO plugins and you have to confirm all about the Sitemap into your WordPress pluings there are all things is prebuilt for your SEO journey. Now you create a Robots.txt file and import into your Server through FTP Access or SSH commands and Allow something or Disallow something that files which you not want to see or your user can see into Google Search Console which belongs to your internal files for your theme, Plugins, php programming files and etc.

The Yoast SEO plugin will helps you in all your menual setup for the dynamic site that the plugin will automatically add more excluded Files, Error files, Valid With Warning files and other valid files in your website coverage which shows in Coverage option of Google Search Console.

The final question are asked by many poeoples who wants a Best Free SEO tools for WordPress, Bloggers and Custom CMS. In this small lines, we will show you top best SEO tools for your Custom, WordPress & Blogger Websites.

Best SEO tools for blogger, WordPress & other CMS?

World’s top bloggers & Websites are choosing WordPress with its best SEO plugin called ‘Yoast SEO‘ & their best configrations with best features and easy to install, setup and index your articles into Google & Bing webmaster.

The Blogger is world’s second choice to start a managed/self-hosted Websites with investing $0 with best relevent features of customizations. Blogger users can install or link their APIs to Google Analytics by MonsterInsights to get best experiance for the Indexing, managing, SEO friendly & it’s a Best SEO Tools for Bloggers Looking to Increase Traffic. 

3rd best SEO tools for the website are belong to custom website which running based on own programmed CMS and menual features. You Should have to use these tools to make your site more SEO frendly with all custom features than installing WordPress & Blogger.

How to menual setup SEO tools in custom site or blogs with HTML, CSS, JSS and any programming languages like PHP, JAVA & NodeJS.

  1. Create own custom Sitemap with your including custom featuers.
  2. make your own website’s with Google Metadata on your article page’s header to index article & create metadata with menual page header of your articles.
  3. link your website to google search console via Sitemaps and configration code of Property in Webmaster tools.
  4. Analysis your website with Google Analytics to paste a header code to see your site’s recent and active traffic.
  5. Use any SEO websites like ahrefs to see your indexed pages, traffic, SEO keywords and get more backlinks and check it on same platforms without going anywhere all the SEO analysis is available in this same platform to create everthing new with your own custom website than using WordPress or Blogger.

This is all about the Dynamic, Statics & Custom SEO tools to integrate into your website to get more keywerds, backlinks, keyword strategy, analysis and monitor your daily, weekly earnings.


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