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Apple will be accepts Metaverse for the future of Apple Invements : Apple on Metaverse & NFTs

Apple investing in Metaverse, NFTs, Web 3.0 for the future’s potential of metaverse opprotunities. Apple have 1K ARKit apps of VR technology.


The recently Apple CEO (Tim Cook) talking about the Metaverse and future’s potential of technology, said ‘We See a Lot of Potential and Are Investing’ and ‘It’s Very Interesting to Us‘. Apple is investing accordingly to the metaverse technology for the future of 3d fiction technology. In the recent future prediction by global investment bank JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley and Goldman sachs at least $8 Trillion USD opportunity of market cap till 2023. Facebook and many digital platforms are acceppting metaverse alternatively for the future of NFTs and Proof of Stake technology.

Tim Cook sees a lot of Potential in the Metaverse and its technology with new generation of Internet and fiction startups technology. Tim Cook sees a lot of Web 3.0 Potential in the Decetralized security of iPhones, Apples Stores, Apple Uers Data and etc.

Asked Question to Apple lnc.

A question asked to Apple lnc, which is called ‘How are you thinking about the metaverse opportunity and Apple’s role in that market?‘ and recently Apple CEO Time Cook answered in common length.

Answered Question to Apple lnc.

Apple CEO Replied ‘So we’re always exploring new and emerging technologies. And I’ve spoken at length about how this area is very interesting to us.‘ amid future’s prediction of Metaverse market cap by Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley.

Tim cook elaborated, right now Apple have over  14,000 ARKit apps (Augmented Reality) in their Apple App Store. The AR (Augmented Reality) apps are provides  incredible experiance for million of peopele today.

In the Future, Apple Will be Store thausands of incredible AR (Augmented Reality) Apps with Decentralized Virtual Island, virtual plots of land and Virtual Investment via Proof of Stake & proof of Ownership.

Many peoples have estimated potential size of metaverse to be miultitrillion Dollars. The Metaverse will be a big opprotunities for StartUps,, Tech, Public Platforms and Virtual Shopping Business with worth $8 Trillion USD to more.

The Metaverse will be big chances where the mostly this technology will empower the CryptoCurrency’s widely use and also it will empower the Web 3.0 and NFTs to start a new world with Decetralized places.

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Written By RKM

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